Master the Confidence You Need to Shine and Build a Profitable, Soul-Aligned Business

April 26-28

New York, New York

What would that mean for your life? For your business?
What about for your relationship?

How would the rest of your year change if you were able to tap into your personal source of power and allow it to fuel the most abundant month in business, having the biggest impact, and helping the most people?

Would you show up differently to your relationship? And if you’re single, would feeling your unique magic running through your veins make you feel more ready to attract deep partnership into your life?

What if ALL of this was already available to you – and you only needed to reach out and grab it? What if it all got to be so fucking easy?

Deep down, you know you’re meant for more. You’re here to build a fucking empire, to call in ALL the abundance, to be in a relationship fit for a QUEEN. You also know you’ve been playing small, and that sometimes, it’s easier to give into fear than leaning into the BIGNESS you know exists within you. But what if everything you’ve been dreaming of was right there within reach? What if all you needed was to light the spark and SEE your true power and worthiness in this world? This is the event where it all comes together. 

Bold Leap Live is an immersion unlike anything else out there… and it’s exactly what your soul’s been craving

The version of you who walks into that door won’t be the same version who walks out. This event is all encompassing, deep healing, and powerfully activating work that will help you to release old stories and write brand new chapters in your life, your business, and your relationships. This is soul amplification, pulling out YOUR unique superpowers and activating the powerhouse within you to help raise the bar in all areas of your life. Workshops, lectures, trainings, and deep sisterhood bonding – you can’t help but leave this experience feeling like life won’t ever be the same. And it won’t. 

Release old stories and limiting beliefs and reclaim your power as a woman, as a Queen, and as a leader. Being confident in who you are and what you’re here to do will impact the rest of your life and help everything fall into place with ease.

Learn how to take your gifts and amplify your impact, and how to reflect it in your bank account. Get strategies, money mindset upgrades, and learn how to allow abundance into your life while adding value to the lives of others through your business.

To raise the bar in one area of our lives, we must raise it in all. Rebuild your day-to-day lifestyle fit for the next-level version of you who is here to love, to lead, and to be the fullest expression of herself. Self-care, new girl gang vibes, and a brand new declaration of the love we deserve.

Chiara Mazzucco is an empowerment and business mentor who turns high achieving women into happy, wealthy, impact-driven powerhouses by helping them grow soul-aligned businesses. She’s an author, host of The Bold Standard podcast, and creator of The Leather Jacket Method – a guide for empowered reinvention. She mentors rising coaches and leaders and helps them step into their next level of success in her signature program, Bold Leap Academy. From late on rent and having the power shut off in the middle of winter, she leaped into building a multiple 6 figure coaching business in less than a year and now focuses all her magic to help other powerful women do the same.






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